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Our Chairman, Mr. Xin Yue Jiang thanked the duty staff during the Chinese New Year and expressed his heartfelt wishes for the new year

During the Chinese New Year on February 6, 2022, our Chairman, Mr. Xin Yue Jiang paid a visit to the SOC and Data Center to thank the duty staff and expressed his heartfelt wishes for the new year.

Mr. Xin took the opportunity to encourage all staff, although the new wave of the pandemic is still severe and complex, bringing more challenges and pressure to our operation, but our determination to fight against the pandemic and our goals will not be diminished. Last year, under the leadership of the management we have remarkable achievements as we managed to, on one hand we minimize the impact the pandemic, on the other hand, we maintain our operations. This is our corporate culture; the right attitude we should have. We cannot let the pandemic wipe out our will. We must overcome the pandemic with confidence, determination and enthusiasm, stay positive and optimistic, and we will continue to do a good job in fighting against the pandemic and our business operations.

The company has comprehensively strengthened the prevention and control measures in all our premises. We hope all employees will comply with the requirements, carry forward our corporate spirit: “Unity, collaboration, tolerance, care”, we should stand by each other, united and fight against the pandemic in order to achieve our year end goals, and staff presented at the meeting all agreed and responded positively to contribute to the success in achieving all these goals.

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