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2022 New Year Message from Chairman Xin Yue Jiang

Dear Colleagues,

As we bid farewell to 2021, I wish to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt wish to all our colleagues and families good health and happiness! I hope that our team will stay vigorous and positive, and will continue to bring our corporation to new heights at a new starting point.

2021 was a challenging year, COVID-19 outbreak has brought both social and economic impacts, and the global economic situation remains severe and complex. Under the leadership of the Group and the Board, the management team and all our employees fight side by side and embraced the challenge, our intention to stay innovative has not changed, and our team is determined to open up a new future.

In 2021, we continue to make progress in building our top management team, top commercial team and top engineering and R&D team, together, we once again created brilliant results for the year, achieving steady growth and performance continues to improve.

During the year we have successfully organized the 3rd Innovation and R&D Conference, with the Group’s management participating and delivered a speech to acknowledge our results and encouraged us to continue to work hard. It was a successful conference as we looked back to our research and innovation work, we have recognized and rewarded outstanding projects and staff, we have brought forward our goals and development plans, injected momentum and affirmed our directions in relations to our R&D work. We must stand at a higher position, expand our horizons and increase our investment in technological developments and be result-oriented. We have to build and contribute to the success of the digital economy.

In 2021, the team at headquarters took an aggressive approach with the goal to reach out to new customers and explore new markets, resulting in a new height in performance. At the same time our data center and IT services had achieved international certifications during the year which speeded up the overall standardizations process within our corporation.

In 2021 CTM has made a number of achievements which was recognized by the Macau SAR government and the main shareholder. CTM has completed its 5G network construction and become the first carrier to provide complete 5G network connection in Macau; continued to deepen its cooperation with various clients and introduced a diverse range of smart applications to Macau and accelerate smart city development, CTM continued to support Macau’s ongoing development of digital economy with its highly reliable quality network services, pursue development opportunities in Henqin and in the Greater Bay Area. Recently, the Chief Executive of Macau has publicly praised the achievements and progress of CTM in recent years, it is indeed a great encouragement to us.

CITIC Telecom CPC and CEC has exceeded its goal and bagged a number of international and national awards, highly recognized by the industry on its innovation. CPC has formulated an accelerated-development plan, preserving its traditional advantage while expanding new businesses, exerts its international capabilities, and empowers “cloud and network security” products to promote business development.

Southeast Asia subsidiary continued to reach out to markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand etc., and expand into new markets such as Indonesia, the Philippines, with its remarkable technological capabilities and professionalism, it has earned clients’ trust and obtained contracts from large-scale ICT service contracts from government and corporate clients, and continued to expand market influence. It has successfully achieved the goal as the 4th business sector of the Group, laying a solid foundation for it to expand into new markets.

Looking back, we successfully “Strive ahead, reach new heights, expand into a broader future”. All staff are united, worked closely together and our corporation has stepped up to a higher level. In 2022, I will embark our new journey with all our colleagues, withstand all challenges and difficulties, and engrave wisdom, courage and perseverance into the mark of our corporation’s sustainable development.

In the new year, I hope all our colleagues will pay close attention to our development goals, implement various work plans, and maintain a good spirit to make a good start for this year’s performance, so that together we will create new brilliance in 2022 and achieve a better future for our corporation.

The COVID-19 remains to be a global challenge, I hereby remind every colleague to continue to attach great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and hope that everyone will maintain optimistic and stay healthy. Finally, I wish all my colleagues and family members good health and stay safe in the new year, and everything goes well.

Xin Yue Jiang
31 December, 2021 at CITIC Telecom Tower

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