Staff is the Greatest Asset of an Enterprise

The Group had over 2,500* employees for its headquarters in Hong Kong and its subsidiaries. Number of employees in Hong Kong was 511. Employees in Chinese mainland and Macau totaled 1,700. Employees in overseas regions, including Asia, the Americas, Europe and other countries, totaled 319. The diverse workforce offers us the opportunity to learn from one another and to connect with a wide range of customers. At the same time, our workforce is particularly energetic and international too.

Employee distribution by geographical location
Chinese Mainland
Hong Kong
Others Asian countries
European countries & Others
* As at the end of December 2022
Training & Development
In a rapidly changing market environment,
learning is the engine that drives sustainable development of enterprises and employees
Putting emphasize on training and learning, Enhancing the quality of all staff, Accelerating innovative development

The Group continues its effort in staff training and development to support the needs of its business and staff. In respect of training and development, the Group has been adopting “optimisation of professional performance, motivation of staff’s potentials, and revitalisation of learning culture” as our approaches. As a result, “training” is based on the increment of knowledge, skills enhancement and improvement in management’s capabilities, while “development” is oriented on the sustainable development of the company and our staff.

Working conference
The 3rd Innovation and R&D Conference
DataMall new products seminar

Quality Enhancement Workshop

The Group provides various training opportunities, both internally and externally, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the Group. Such training areas and scopes cover advanced management skills, team building, engineering techniques, selling skills/key account management workshop, information technology, finance management and language, etc. We believe that ‘Quality is of utmost importance for enterprises’, so by organising training on the latest technology and exchanging ideas with industry-leading companies, employees can keep abreast of the latest trends and technical knowledge in the industry, so as to provide best quality products and services for customers.

Quality is of utmost importance for enterprises
Visiting the Shenzhen base office of Huawei
The Group and its subsidiaries had meeting with Cisco
The Group held the ‘Design and Application of Internet exchange Symposium’

The Group and our subsidiaries also organise different training schemes including teambuilding, effective presentation and public speaking skills, key account management workshop and seminar on Competition Law, etc. It aims at enhancing all-round skills of employees and ongoing talent development.

Participating in MWC Barcelona 2018
Exhibited at MWC Shanghai 2023, enhancing the ICT knowledge and professional level of our staff
Visiting the Data Centre World 2018
ICAC Talk 2022

To encourage our staff to develop themselves further, the Group launch various policies for culture learning, talents development scheme and advanced training scheme on management skills. The Group also encourages and facilitates knowledge sharing and skill transfer between staff in Hong Kong and other regions to strengthen business integration. The management is determined to nurture elites and enhance their comprehensive working and management capabilities by actively providing potential staff with training opportunities which are important to the Group’s success as well as succession planning.

The Group supports ongoing training and development for our senior executives. It is believed that ongoing skills enhancement, attending seminar and international conference will be beneficial to them for industry information exchange, technology update and personal conduct compliance. In return, it helps the Group on enhancing overall work efficiency and effectiveness. The Group will continuously keep on providing training in a systematic and proper manner in addition to the learning through normal work practices and on the job training.

Joining the management training held by CUHK Business School
Joining the CITIC Pacific Senior Executive Forum

The Group also supports and encourages self-initiated personal development of our employees by providing training subsidies for external training courses to enhance their skills and abilities. Our subsidiary has been continually awarded the “Manpower Developer” in the ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme launched by Employees Retraining Board in recognition of its outstanding accomplishments in manpower training and development.

Internship Schemes– The Group contributes to the society by providing various working and internship opportunities. The Group and our subsidiary have launched technical/management trainee scheme covering professional knowledge and soft skills training. It also helps us to develop talent pool for corporate future growth.

Continuous Professional Development for Directors– All board directors also participate in continuous professional training to develop and refresh their knowledge and skills

A group meeting with over 100 staff from several local subsidiaries, including CITIC Telecom International (SEA), CPC Singapore, Acclivis and Pacific Internet.

Meeting with staff from CPC Europe

CITIC Telecom Creativity Contest 2015

In 2022, the Group provided a variety of training courses to employees, total accumulated around

hours of training

Looking ahead, along with the growth and needs of the Group, training no longer focuses on the level of techniques training and on-the-job training solely, but also on the level of personal development of the management, which helps the Group to nurture successors with potential and promote diversified learning culture. Also, staff is encouraged to develop continuously and is well-communicated among each other in order to establish well-managed team. Looking forward, the Group will lay a solid foundation for optimisation of its management and nurture talents to match corporate development.

Corporate culture

The Group concerns about the mental health of our staff and we put the objective of the balance of work and daily life into practice so that positive sentiments and motivation could be formed to strengthen their capability to handle difficulties and challenges. The Group supports and organises various kinds of outdoor sports activities and ball games competitions, including basketball championship, badminton competition, table tennis competition and football match. Through the activities, our staff are provided with opportunities to participate and establish team spirit, and to promote the importance of physical exercise.

The Group also organise various outing activities for our employees and their families throughout the year to enhance work-life balance as well as employee relations. Our subsidiary also organises a ‘Family Day’ so relatives of employees could get to visit their working environment.

The Group also provides the fitness facilities of indoor sports centre and multi-functional recreation centre in our headquarters’ building to allow our staff to enjoy all kinds of leisure and sports activities regardless of the weather conditions. Our subsidiary also held different health and interest classes for staff to join and relax.

Highlight Events
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