Core Value
Core Value
Core Value

Wisdom and Integrity for Fostering Prosperity

Wisdom, Diligence & continuous learning drive development. Innovate with technology.

Morality & integrity gain trust. Unite for a bright future.

Vision Vision
  • To become an Internet-oriented telecommunications company; enabling connections anytime and anywhere, among people, among things, and among each other; enhancing the driving force for the advancement of society, development of enterprises and a higher quality of life.
Mission Mission
  • Rooted in Chinese mainland market, taking Hong Kong and Macau as the base and connection, providing communications and ICT services with global coverage.
  • Customer-oriented, with an acute observation of their needs, continuing to generate new value for our customers.
  • Market-oriented and innovative, continuing to increase the company’s competitiveness.
  • With value creation as our goal, providing sustainable return for our shareholders.
Strategy Strategy
  • New Business: Transform from providing traditional telecom products to offering emerging services including mobile, Internet, IoT, integrated ICT etc.
  • New Customer: Strengthen customer relationship with existing carriers while expanding customer base to enterprise, OTT and consumer
  • New Market: Expand from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau to Asia Pacific, Europe, the US and global market

Corporate Values

As a multinational enterprise with global vision, CITIC Telecom International still embraces the wisdom of Chinese culture. Let’s appreciate the famous quote extracted from Chinese poetry by our management:


Withhold a firm belief, be united, we will be able to succeed.

The bird cried in the midnight as it wished the spring could come back.

A nine-floor tower rises from the heaps of dust, a thousand mile journey starts from the first step.

Wise man has no confusion, Brave man has no fear.

It cannot be hidden away in the blue mountains, and it is flowing eastward after all. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group has a strong sense of commitment in fulfilling corporate social responsibility (”CSR”) and ensuring that it is part of our core corporate value in our daily operation. It is our belief that a responsible business creates a win-win situation for the Group, its shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, and the community. Therefore, CSR on both workplace practices, community involvement, training and development, and environmental protection, has always been an integral part of the Group’s corporate business strategy and philosophy that drives the Group’s continued growth. Our CSR is based on “People and Community”, which are represented by the followings:


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