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CTM Hosts “5.5G Technology and Advanced Digital Transformation Solutions Showcase” Accelerate Industries to Embrace New Opportunities of 5.5G and Digital Transformation

(24 April 2024, Hong Kong and Macau) Aiming to bring cutting-edge 5.5G technology and digital transformation solutions to Macau, CTM being one of the 5.5G pioneers in the world, joined hands with its leading ICT solutions partner to host “Embrace 5.5G New Opportunities Advanced Digital Transformation Showcase”, demonstrated an array of latest solutions of 5.5G and digital transformation, and sharing session on opportunities and successful cases of digital transformation in various industries was held at the same occasion, shared by expert from Huawei and representative of CTM, to introduce the latest trend of smart transformation development.

The “Embrace 5.5G New Opportunity Advanced Digital Transformation Showcase” was held at the Grand Ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton, Macau on April 12, with nearly 150 guests from various industries participated. During the occasion, CTM exhibited 5.5G mobile cell sites, carbon reduction technology, 5.5G speed and smart experiences, 5G private network solutions, 5.5G+IoT application scenarios, 100T&IP+Fiber solution, Cloud-Network-Intelligence concept solutions, and etc.

Ebel Cham, Vice President of Commercial, CTM, said in the speech that, the development blueprint of “Digital Macau 3.0” has been inaugurated ever since the launch of CTM5G services. CTM is actively facilitating the comprehensive infrastructure development of smart city that based on “Cloud, Network, Intelligence, Security” for establishing leading digital foundation of Macau. 5.5G is the current cutting-edge mobile communications technology, bringing great forces to the smart transformation worldwide. With the great support by its major shareholder – CITIC Telecom International Group, CTM consistently invests resources and has become one of the first 5.5G pioneers in the world and is set to complete network deployment and to provide 5.5G service within this year. CTM join hands with its leading ICT solutions collaboration partner to bring latest solution of 5.5G technology and digital transformation showcase in Macau, hoping to provide an advanced experience to various sector in Macau of such solutions. Being a leading smart city service provider in Macau, CTM is determined to join hands with various partners, together to explore and deploy latest technology, actively embrace the new opportunities of exploring the era of 5.5G.

In the speech, Director of Huawei’s ICT Marketing & Solution Sales Department, Asia Pacific Region, Jing TAO, stated that this year marks the first era of commercial use for 5.5G. Huawei has continued to innovate in ELAA, intelligent beamforming, and other technical fields, successfully achieving the ultimate 5.5G experience, drawing on over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. The 5.5G intelligent core network covers various application scenarios, enabling business intelligence, network intelligence, and operation and maintenance intelligence. This upgrade aims to enhance the business experience and promote network evolution for Macau operators. Huawei Cloud has collaborated with Macau Telecom to build the ‘Macau Telecom Cloud’ using a multi-cloud platform architecture. This innovative project is based on the concept of ‘network, cloud, and intelligence’ and has resulted in the creation of smart applications for various industry scenarios, including exhibitions, catering and retail, and building logistics. These applications promote the moderate and diversified development of Macau’s economy. In the future, Huawei aims to strengthen its collaboration with Macau Telecom, expedite the commercial development of 5G, and provide a new intelligent communication experience through high-quality and multi-network integration. This will assist Macau in embracing a more prosperous era of 5.5G.

To recognize partners from various industries to join hands with CTM to explore and established application scenarios of 5G+finanace, tourism, education, public utility, transportation, medical and etc., CTM presented the “5G Industrial Application Pioneer Recognition”, Derby Lau, Director of CTT and Vandy Poon, CEO of CTM were invited to be the presenters. The “5G Industrial Application Pioneer Recognition” were received by Ms. Choi Ieng Chi , Deputy Director of Digital Finance Department of Bank of China Macau Branch., Mr. Charles Wong, Executive Director of IT Service of MGM, Ms. Zhao Xichen, Director of IT Development Division of Macau University of Science and Technology, Mr. Chan Iat Seng, Director of IT System of CEM, Mr. Wong Pui San, General Manager of Macau Radio Taxi Ltd., Dr. Kuok Cheong Neng of Centro De Radiologia Oriental Lda., Mr. Cheang Wai Lun, Director of Operation of Macau Yin Kui Hospital, respectively.

During the sharing session, Yingzhen HOU, Director of Huawei’s 5G Wireless MKT and Solution Department, shared success stories around digital transformation under the theme of “Embracing 5.5G, Leading a Smart New World and Expanding New Industrial Spaces” during the sharing Section. According to him, the global commercialization of 5G has been progressing well and it is expected that this year, new applications driven by AI, extended reality, and spatial video, represented by 5.5G, will be launched. Furthermore, it was mentioned that 5.5G and AI complement each other, empowering numerous industries and accelerating Macau and the Greater Bay Area towards a fully intelligent era. Mr. Hudson Lou, Director of Network Services and Development of CTM, conducted an in-depth sharing of CTM 5.5G network deployment planning and related application scenarios that joined hands to be realized with various sectors. Mr. Hudson Lou, Director of Network Services and Development of CTM, conducted an in-depth sharing of CTM 5.5G network deployment planning and related application scenarios that joined hands to be realized with various sectors.

CTM will consistently invest in resources in the future to facilitate various industries in Macau to accelerate the development pace of digital transformation, to establish more smart living scenarios for Macau with joint effort.

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