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CITIC Telecom Joined GSMA Open Gateway Initiative to Strengthen Partnership with GSMA in Asia-Pacific Region

(16 April 2024, Hong Kong) CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (“CITIC Telecom”) has signed an agreement with GSMA in Beijing recently to join the GSMA Open Gateway initiative. This partnership positions CITIC Telecom as a significant partner of GSMA in the Asia-Pacific region, further enhancing its platform capabilities to serve the development of the digital economy.

CITIC Telecom is a leading internet-oriented telecommunications enterprise in the Asia-Pacific region. The company provides one-stop comprehensive telecommunications services to multinational corporate clients and business clients, and is one of the most trusted partners of these clients in the Asia-Pacific region. By joining the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, we have become an important partner and supporter of Open Gateway standard, and will be committed to establishing a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform that caters to the needs of enterprises and mobile network operators. This platform will deliver secure and stable commercial network API services to governmental and enterprise customers, as well as developers in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau. 

The NaaS platform will adhere to the GSMA Open Gateway standards and certification processes, utilizing standardized API to ensure compliance with global standards and meet the diverse cross-border and cross-network application scenarios. We adopt an open approach and collaborate with partners to build an ecosystem. Our API services will include location service, mobile quality on demand, number verification, SIM swap and more. By working together with the industry, we aim to foster new quality productive forces, drive innovation, and achieve high-quality development.

Mr. Dickson Ip, Chief Technology Officer of CITIC Telecom, stated that “The GSMA Open Gateway represents a revolutionary leap in mobile communication technology. By providing open and interoperable API gateway solutions, it is paving the way for the future of global mobile interconnection. Enterprises can effortlessly leverage the power of 5G mobile networks to drive innovation and unleash new business opportunities. After joining the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, CITIC Telecom will become an important partner and supporter of Open Gateway to connect enterprises and carriers, and to provide secure and stable commercial network API services to enterprise markets and developers.”

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