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Consistently invest in enhancing capability for cybersecurity CTM Network Management Center and Security Operation Center upgraded

As a leading telecom service operator in Macau, CTM has been attaching great importance to the cyber and network security works. Before the implementation of Macau’s Cybersecurity Law, both CTM Network Management Center (NMC) and Data Center had already obtained ISO international certification, demonstrated CTM’s network and information security capabilities has reached international level. Following the implementation of Macau’s Cybersecurity Law and the continuous changes of network security environment, CTM consistently invests in resources to upgrade its Network Management Center and Security Operation Center (SOC2), aiming at further enhancing its capabilities in safeguarding information and network security, as well as to provide cybersecurity services for other enterprises to facilite their compliance of relevant requirements of security standards and Cybersecurity Law, so that they can release resources to focus on business development.


CTM has recently upgraded the NMC and SOC2. Declan Leong, Vice President of Network Services, Komix Hui, Director of Information Technology of CTM, Eric Ng, Director of Business Services & Development recently conducted a tour for the media to introduce the enhancement on information and cybersecurity work of the two centers.


Declan Leong said that as a member of the Civil Protection Structure of Macau, CTM has been consistently investing in resources and attached great importance to cybersecurity. Various network and IT system facilities including power, operating system, and etc., are equipped with multi-level of redundancy to ensure the capability of disaster tolerance. In terms of Data Center, it has expanded the offsite backup from Macau and Taipa to a CTM Data Cetner established in Hong Kong. In terms of manpower support, there are 1st and 2nd tiers providing 24 hours monitoring on network performance and security, through an accurate detection system, to response instantly against network threats and ensure the safety and integrity of network environment.


Declan Leong mentioned that as Cybersecurity Law came into force in MSAR in December 2019, and with the continuous changes in the global network environment, enterprises have increased their attention on information, data and network security. The upgraded NMC and SOC2 of CTM not only fulfilled CTM’s own demands on network and information security, but also provide one-stop network security services to enterprises, especially for SMEs, provided services in reviewing the security standards of existing network and ensuring the compliance on related requirements of Cybersecurity Law.


The newly upgraded NMC is equipped with real-time network information display system and advanced network traffic monitoring equipment, which further fulfil the needs of network performance monitoring, enabling the team to grasp real-time operational status of the network systems. Meanwhile, the NMC is equipped with accurate network alarm facilities, with Big Data application systems, enabling the technicians to formulate instant measures such as network node traffic control through precise prediction and evaluation at any time, so as to fully guarantee the safety operation of the network.


The new SOC2 complemented with CTM’s Data Center of international third-level standard, supporting SIEM and situation awareness dual technologies by the task force to provide 24 hours monitoring, as well as comprehensive solutions for cloud infrastructure, network and security, enabling enterprises to comply with the relevant requirements of the Cybersecurity Law and to meet the demand of high-level information and network security with limited investmen in resources.

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