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CITIC Telecom International team bagged champion in the first CITIC Hong Kong and Macau Three-player Basketball Competition

The CTM basketball team, representing CITIC Telecom International, has won the champion in the first CITIC Hong Kong and Macau three-player Basketball Competition on September 22, 2019. Mr. Poon Tian Shing, a CTM employee, was elected as the most-valuable-player (MVP) of the competition.

The competition was organized by CITIC Staff Association (Hong Kong and Macau). Our Group’s Chairman, Mr. Xin Yue Jiang delivered his opening remarks as the Vice-President of the Association. A total of twelve teams representing corporations from the Hong Kong and Macau region took part in the competition. After the two stages of matches held on August 3 and September 22, the CTM Team (Second team representing CITIC Telecom International) bagged the championship and won against the team representing CITIC Pacific while China CITIC Bank International team was awarded as the second-runner up of the competition.

Chairman Xin highly praised the CTM team in demonstrating strong-willed and great team spirit, the team’s performance has reflected fully the Group’s core value: Wisdom and Integrity for Fostering Prosperity.Chairman Xin also emphasized, all staff should learn from the CTM basketball team, to always strive for excellence. As both the economic and social situation gets complicated, this is the time to testify the Group’s strength and review our service standards. The Group will continue to persist in innovative development while always keeping a clear mind, guided by the Group’s core value.

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