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CITIC Telecom International Organized “2019 Human Resources and Team Building Conference”

On October 23 2019, CITIC Telecom International (the Group) organized the “2019 Human Resources and Team Building Conference”. Over 80 representatives, including senior management from the Group, executives from headquarters, subsidiaries including CTM, CITIC Telecom CPC (CPC) and overseas teams attended the conference.

At the conference, representatives from various HR division, including headquarters, CTM, CPC and overseas teams from Singapore, North America, etc. shared about their work in relation to HR and team building. Headquarters shared how they select, train, deploy, manage and retain staff, CTM shared “Digital Macau 2.0 talent development program” and demonstrated how they can unlock potential from their staff, while CPC talked about how they collaborate and build an international team and apply AI technologies to enhance its service level in terms of human resources.

CEO of CITIC Telecom International, Dr. Tiger Lin delivered a keynote speech on the topic “Building a team with excellent members as core”. Dr. Lin shared his thorough analysis on the overall strategy and plan in building the excellent team. During this invaluable opportunity, participants benefited from exchanging views with management and seek advice and guidance, they have also taken part in interactive discussions on the subject.

Chairman of CITIC Telecom International, Mr. Xin Yue Jiang delivered his closing remarks and emphasized that human resources is the top priority for the group, and the work will safeguard us to grow in strength, quality and scale. Through this conference, Chairman Xin emphasized that we will continue to learn in order to transform our corporation into a company where our employees will look up to, and through us, they will be able to pursue their career advancement and goals, realize their self-valuation, challenge themselves and find contentment.

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