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CITIC Telecom International Presented Awards to Staff Awarded as “Best Manager”, “Best Employee” and Long-Term Dedication

CITIC Telecom International has organized a ceremony on May 12, 2021 to present the “Best Manager”, “Best Employee” and Long-Term Dedication to employees. The awards were presented by Mr. Xin Yue Jiang, Chairman of CITIC Telecom International and the Group Management also took part in the ceremony. Every year the company will select employees based on their performance appraisal and overall performance and recognize employees with outstanding performance, to promote a corporate culture of unity, collaboration, tolerance and care, in order to enhance the team’s cohesion. Besides, the Group also thanks employees for the long-term contribution by awarding them with “Long Term Dedication Award”.


Mr. Xin said, the ceremony was held during the pandemic, yet, it was a simple yet grand ceremony. Mr. Xin expressed his congratulations to the awardees and thanked them for the contributions over the past year. Mr. Xin wished to encourage all staff to stay united, enthusiastic, hardworking in order to contribute to the company. The Group will continue to insist that development is the top priority, people is the top resource, technology (innovation) is the first driving force, to provide employees with the platform to pursue their goals, career developments and access to a greater happiness.

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