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2023 New Year Message from Chairman Xin Yue Jiang

Dear Colleagues,

I wish to express my heartfelt wish to all our colleagues local and overseas and their families good health in the forthcoming 2023. We look forward to achieving business growth to a new height in the new year!

2022 is an extremely extraordinary year given the challenges brought by the severe COVID-19 pandemic and the intense international economic situation, etc. In view of the challenges, our team was united and progressive, persisted in innovation and development whenever there were winds and waves, tackled difficulties and created new highlights and achievements, boosting corporate development and operating performance to a new height.

The headquarter has played a leading role to strengthen the cooperation with strategic customers including carriers, enhance the service ability and quality of our platform, consolidate the scale of traditional business, expand new IoT and IPX businesses and products. These contributed to new revenue and profits stream for the Group.

CTM has started the new phase of “Digital Macau” smart city construction. It launched the 5G services immediately after the grant of 5G licence, with over 50,000 customers registered within a month. It successfully organized the “Inauguration Ceremony of CTM 5G New Era” with “Ushering into Digital Macau 3.0 Forum”, and was highly recognized by various major local and overseas media and different sectors of the community, which set off a wave of 5G and turned to a new chapter of “Digital Macau”.

CPC has accelerated its development plans and enhanced the capability of “Cloud, Network and Security”, expanded the network coverage, increased cloud computing centres, built the “cloud-network” service teams, constructed new security operations centres, strengthened corporate integrated solutions, successfully completed its accelerated development plan for 2022 and entered into a new corporate development stage.

In respect of the Southeast Asian sector, we have continued to develop markets in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, actively expand the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam markets and strengthen the regional cooperation. We also strived to recruit governmental and corporate clients, continue to develop new products and new business to expand our customer base. We are highly recognized in the industry which can further drive the contribution to the Group.

Under the leadership of our Management, we have been fully cooperative to work as a team and strive to engage in our development plans amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the past year. We have also strived to follow the guidance of “The 14th Five-Year Plan” and execute relevant development plans, achieved continuous improvement in overall results and promoted new corporate development by leveraging on the increasing level of operating management and business expansion. The company has also devoted to the high-quality development strategy of Greater-Bay Area and “Belt and Road Initiative”, and managed to serve the smooth and long-term success of the great practice of the “One Country, Two Systems”.

On behalf of the Board and the Management, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all staff who have devoted their full energy to contribute to the company’s development!

Looking forward to 2023, new development opportunities have arisen in the new era. We have to keep our minds afresh and insist to innovation, and to execute corporate strategy by adhering to the principle of “Rooted in the Chinese mainland, taking Hong Kong and Macau as the base and connection, accelerating the expansion and coverage to international markets”. We will also seize the development opportunities from 5G and construct the “Digital Macau”, further develop the messaging services business, accelerate construction of data centres, speed up the development plans and expand businesses in Southeast Asian markets, maintain steady business growth, as well as to create the three international first-tier teams, ultimately becoming an international world-class internet-oriented telecommunications enterprise.

As we look toward the start of 2023, I would like to wish all colleagues and their families good health and stay safe in the new year, and our company to further develop to a new stage. I hope that our company will become a sparkling piece to tackle all the difficulties amid the challenging operating environment!

Xin Yue Jiang
30 December, 2022 at CITIC Telecom Tower, Hong Kong

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