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Our Actions in Combatting the Coronavirus

In view of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, CITIC Telecom International (The Group) is taking a series of actions, according to our core value “Wisdom and Integrity for Fostering Prosperity” to combat against the epidemic. We will safeguard our services by taking preventive measures and contribute to the society in times of uncertainties.

At our Hong Kong Headquarters, we are striving to safeguard the continuity of our services during this period, to ensure our network and communications services are not affected. We are also in full support of the various local governments’ guidelines on epidemic prevention and we offer our staff flexible work arrangement, with a combination of work shift arrangements and remote access working from home. Our Chairman, Mr. Xin Yue Jiang thanked the duty staff on the first working day after the Chinese New Year Holiday and expressed his heartfelt wishes for the new year. In addition, the Group places great importance on the preventive measures at our offices and the Group has offered a one-off allowance for staff to purchase hygienic protective products.

CTM – To ensure the safety and health of the front line staff and clients, CTM carries out regular disinfection at all retail stores and requires all front line staff to wear surgical masks, our front line and operational technicians will be equipped with preventive measures, including surgical masks and preventive goggles. All customers and staff are required to measure their body temperature before entering the retail stores or offices, all these preventive measures are carried out to safeguard the public health of our staff and our customers.

CTM has offered its customers to extend the January 2020 bill for one month without penalty to ensure the continuity of their service on fixed-line, mobile and internet service. CTM will not terminate service due to late payment.

CPC & CEC – The Group’s Chairman Mr. Xin has paid a visit to CPC office on February 7 and he emphasized the health of our employees are of great importance and remind all staff to stay alert on preventive measures and wishes everyone good health.

CPC and CEC has offered its corporate clients and SMEs to support their staff to work remotely from home in a secure and efficient manner by ensuring their business continuity. CPC and CEC implements strictly various national and local governments’ preventive measures, to protect the health and safety of employees and reduce the risk of epidemic spread, flexible work arrangements are also adopted.

In Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia) – Acclivis has been providing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services which are readily available. Acclivis has been receiving enquiries during the Chinese New Year from clients from the Finance Sector (Comparing to SARS, a lot of the Financial Institutes are requiring part of the team to work at the Disaster Recovery Centers). At the moment a few of their clients have already commence the work plan. Each of our offices in Southeast Asa is implementing requirements from their respective governments and will deploy flexible working arrangements if needed.

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