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CTM invites representatives to participate in the 5G applications collaboration to shape a 5G ecosystem

With the completion of the first phase construction project of CTM 5G network, in order to impulse more 5G applications deployment in Macau, CTM, a subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited, invited leaders from different sectors to participate in the 5G application collaboration intention, aiming to develop more 5G application for the society through respective resource advantages. Today (Jun 29), CTM held the Launching Ceremony of CTM 5G Application Collaboration Intention and 5G Intelligent Ecosystem Forum at Macau Science Center.

During the occasion, CEO of CTM, Vandy Poon said in the speech that CTM has regarded Digital Macau as its vision, and has actively invested resources to continuously enhance its network infrastructure and introduce advanced technology applications. Uphold the principle of open-minded and collaboration with different stakeholders in the society, CTM is committed to building Macau into a model of smart city in the Greater Bay Area and even beyond the region.

Poon indicated that in the coming years, 5G technology is seen as the key of different sectors for smart transformation. CTM therefore has been focusing on 5G development, by building a high-speed and reliable 5G core network, CTM is striving to bring 5G service to Macau as soon as possible. CTM started 5G network testing right after the 5G standards were released in 2018. With deployment of 5G equipment and testing network, CTM collaborated with various sectors to conduct trial of 5G applications, expecting to assist different sectors to deploy 5G applications in advance. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in Macau at the beginning of the year, CTM had ensured the stable communication services to cope with the boosting demand from public for network. At the same time, CTM has also overcome the challenges and pushed forward 5G network construction in full swing.

Poon mentions that CTM has reached the target of 5G outdoor full coverage in Macau as scheduled, and CTM 5G services will be launched in Macau as soon as the MSAR government has issued relevant operating licenses. In order to promote the deployment of 5G applications that cater the needs of Macau and to enrich the understanding of residents of the importance of 5G in smart city development, CTM invited representatives from different sectors to be collaborative partners of 5G applications. Through CTM 5G combined with the strength of leaders from different sectors, more 5G smart applications will be developed for the Macau community that will promote 5G popularization and speed up the development of a smart city.

Guests presided at the ceremony included, Mr. Lok Po, President of Macao Daily News, Mr. Lee Chong Cheng, Director of FAOM, Mr. Chan Hio Peng, Vice President of Bank of China Macau Branch, Mr. Kan Cheong Kuan, Executive Director of Macau International Airport Co. Ltd, Dr. Kou Kam Fai, Principal of Pui Ching Middle School, Mr. Nestor Ng, Vice President of the Association of Real Estate Sector of Macau, Mr. He Haiming, Director of Macau Convention & Exhibition Association, Mr. Alfred Ng, Director of Macau Service Division, Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management (Macau) Ltd, Mr. Vandy Poon, CEO of CTM, Mr. Declan Leong, Vice President, Network Services of CTM, and Ms. Ebel Cham, Vice President, Commercial of CTM.

CTM will join hands with various 5G collaborative partners to explore and promote different 5G application scenarios to cater the development need, including smart financial application, smart healthcare, 5G+4K/8K ultra-high-definition new media transmission, smart airport, 5G education and robot development, smart exhibition, 5G smart terminals, smart housing inspection and etc.

The representatives exchanged their view on exploring ways to work with different stakeholders in the society to impulse the local ecosystem development and 5G smart applications.

CTM addresses that the Company will continue to actively cooperate with the administrative polices of the MSAR Government, and will work with all stakeholders in the community to promote the development of local smart ecosystem, accelerate the popularization of 5G and smart applications, as to promote the development of Digital Macau smart city.

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