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CITIC Telecom International Presented Awards to Staff Awarded as “Best Manager”, “Best Employee” and Long-Term Dedication

CITIC Telecom International selects employee as “Best Manager” and “Best Employee” every year, based on their performance appraisal and overall performance, in order to implement the Employee Reward Measures and to reward employees with outstanding performance. This is also to build our corporation with “three top teams”. Besides, the Group also thanks employees for the long-term contribution by awarding them with “Long Term Dedication Award”.

Usually the above awards are presented at the Group’s annual dinner to boost the morale. This year, however, due to the epidemic, the 2019 “Best Employee”, “Ten-Year Dedication” and “Twenty-Year Dedication” awards are given out to the awardees by Department Heads. On April 6, Mr. Xin Yue Jiang, Chairman of CITIC Telecom International, presented the awards to the 5 “Best Manager” awardees in person. The Management also took part in the ceremony.

Mr. Xin said due to the epidemic, this year’s award presentation ceremony was simple yet grand and he expressed his congratulations to the 5 “Best Manager” awardees. He also praised the awardees of the “Best Employee”, “Ten-Year Dedication” and “Twenty-Year Dedication”. Mr. Xin encouraged all staff to overcome the hurdles in this difficult times and together we will reach new heights.

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