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CITIC Telecom International Held the Innovation and R&D Conference 2020

The “Innovation and R&D Conference 2020” was held on November 18, 2020. The theme of the conference was to foster the continuous innovation development of the CITIC Telecom International (the Group), provided the platform to review experiences, in-depth exchange, promoting self-developed research and development (R&D) and cooperative innovation. More than 180 staff, including the Group’s management, staff from our subsidiaries including CTM, CITIC Telecom CPC (CPC) and Southeast Asia subsidiaries, participating the conference on site as the main venue and joining from 9 video-conference sub-venues. Each business unit has made use of innovative means in presenting their R&D outcomes and the conference format was also a breakthrough comparing to the past.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Xin Yue Jiang, Chairman of the Group and followed by the Keynote Speech delivered by Mr. Cai Dawai, CEO of the Group, with the theme “Implement policy based on our current situation and grasp the industry trend and together we will continue our innovation and product R&D development”. Mr. Cai reviewed R&D achievements across the Group and provided an analysis on industry trends and policy guidelines. He also presented his views on various topics including the role of operators, cloud network integration, AI, blockchain and user experiences, and provided an outlook to the Group’s innovation and R&D development.

Mr. Vandy Poon, CEO of CTM, Mr. Edmond Li, CEO of CPC, Vice President of the Group Mr. Cheung Yuet Pun, Vice President of the Group Mr. Wong Ching Wa, President of South East Asia Region Mr. Richard Loo delivered their keynote speeches representing their respective companies and units, sharing their achievements, experiences, thoughts on how to elevate the capability on self-developed R&D.

Mr. Xin said in his closing remarks that over the years the Group attached great importance to innovation and R&D work. In the past two years, since the Group first organized the Innovation and R&D Conference in 2019, the Group has achieved significant developments on innovation and R&D. We managed to achieve these developments as a result of the joint efforts of all colleagues, in particular all the front-line R&D staff, reflecting the close collaboration and cooperation amongst departments and business units and we are pleased to see the Group taken a big step towards a bigger goal.

Mr. Xin thanked all staff in contributing to the success of this conference and that we should be confident by 2025 we will be able to achieve a breakthrough in the scale and profitability of our company. Mr. Xin presented special recognition awards to colleagues who have made significant contributions in the aspect of innovation and R&D.

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