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Catching Up on the Global Trend of 5G, Embracing the Greater Bay Area Development — CTM holds Media Lunch 2019

CTM, subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International, held the “CTM Media Lunch 2019” on March 27 2019 in Macau, invited the participation of the senior management and the reporters from local media. During the occasion, Vandy Poon, CEO of CTM presented an overall business performance of 2018. CTM played an active role in the development of the Greater Bay Area, including setting up a software development center in Zhuhai, opening a CTM data center in Hong Kong, expanding the data and content services by joining hands with Tencent and TVB respectively, as well as starting tests on the 5G network at the same pace as the neighbouring regions. All these efforts demonstrated CTM’s new development plan of “Serving Macau and the Bay Area”, which aimed at further integrating the resources of the Bay Area and further promoting the construction and development of “Digital Macau” as a smart city.

Before the lunch commenced, CTM has showcased several equipment and technology applications about 5G and Internet-of-things (IoT), including 5G terminal equipment, network equipment supporting SuperFast WiFi technology, high-speed wireless transmission VR equipment, network security solutions, etc., which demonstrated the determination of CTM to actively introduce 5G, IoT applications and promote more intelligent application and services.

Embracing the Bay Area Development through Infrastructure Enhancement and Diversified Application

Poon said in the speech that in 2018, with the full support of the major shareholder CITIC Telecom International, CTM shifted its focus to a variety of smart application services while further investing in infrastructure enhancement to the quality of the full fiber-optic network and 4G+ mobile network, expanding CTM’s Wi-Fi hotspot coverage, opening a CTM software development center in Zhuhai and a CTM data center in Hong Kong, and the development of the IoT applications. All these achievements fully demonstrated the remarkable results of CTM in popularising information technology and smart applications.

Catching up on the Global Trend of 5G in Tandem, Ushering into the “Digital Macau 2.0” Era 

Poon said that the extensive applications of 5G network technology will lead to radical upgrades and transformations in various industries. Therefore, CTM’s 5G network construction and application research are tasks which brook no delay. CTM will seize the development opportunities brought by 5G and enhance “Digital Macau” in terms of breadth and depth so as to move into the blueprint for the development of “Digital Macau 2.0”. In the light of the adoption of the worldwide 5G standard in June 2018, CTM immediately launched the first phase of 5G network testing.

At the same time, CTM  has established effective communication with the government on the 5G license and spectrum arrangements. CTM will strive to develop and launch 5G network services for Macau at the same pace as the neighbouring regions.

Upgrading and Transforming to Serve the Construction of Smart City, Engaging Stakeholders to Promote Smart Application Scenarios

According to Poon, “Digital Macau 2.0” is not a simple upgrade, but of a deeper and broader vision. With emerging new and proven technologies such as 5G communication technology, IoT applications, Big Data and artificial intelligence applications, CTM will embrace a “big integration era” in the next few years. High-speed wireless access, integration of fixed-line and mobile network, and massive connections will constitute a new type of network with added complexity, which is more challenging for telecom service providers. However, this also favors the development of the industry with an abundance of opportunities. In particular, by virtue of the integration of smart equipment, artificial intelligence technology and high-speed network, more industries and daily application scenarios will be further developed with enormous growth potential.

As a leading telecom service provider, CTM has made necessary adjustments and be well-positioned to keep in pace with market development by transforming into a smart city operator from integrated network service provider in the past and expanding its service offerings. With the motive of “Keeping a Foothold in Macau, Contributing to the Bay Area while Facing the International Market”, CTM  is committed to implementing the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area by working with all sectors in Macau, in order to develop Macau into a world-class tourism and leisure center and a commerce and trade cooperation service platform between China and Lusophone countries, to promoting an appropriately diversified economic development, as well as a base for exchange and cooperation featuring Chinese culture and coexistence of diverse cultures.

On the press conference, Poon and the Rector of University of Macau, Prof. Song Yonghua signed a collaboration agreement of 5G mobile technology . Based on the advantages in specified area, the two parties will join hands in the research and development of 5G mobile technology for Macau. Meanwhile, Poon signed an collaboration agreement with Mr. Stefan Kostic, CEO of Benefit Vantage Limited, a service provider on network security and data backup base in Hong Kong, to introduce IPification mobile authentication technology into Macau, envisage providing a safer and seamless experience of online payment in Macau.

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