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Two Awards Garnered by Acclivis and Pacific Internet

Acclivis and Pacific Internet, subsidiaries of CITIC Telecom International, won two honorable awards in the end of 2017. Acclivis received the CIO Advisor award for APAC TOP 25 Cloud Solutions Companies (2017). The award identifies some of the most distinguished cloud service providers (CSPs) in the industry that assists companies in implementing cloud solutions to help businesses in their digital transformation journey by enhancing their business processes. Being able to provide connectivity and mobility solutions through Pacific Internet and the wider CITIC Telecom subsidiaries help stand Acclivis in good stead in the industry.

Pacific Internet was awarded by Industry Era as the Top 10 Enterprise Network Service Provider. The award identifies top enterprise network service providers in the APAC region. On top of being a premier provider of connectivity in South-East Asia, Pacific Internet also teams with the wider CITIC Telecom subsidiaries to offer a global network coverage in over 130 countries throughout Asia, America and Europe thus making Pacific Internet a front-runner in the enterprise connectivity space.

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