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2020 New Year Message from Chairman Xin Yue Jiang

Dear friends of CITIC Telecom International,

On the first day of 2020, I am sending my new year’s greetings to you all from our Hong Kong Headquarters. I wish you and your family good health, happiness and a very prosperous year ahead of us.

I believe you will agree that 2019 is a memorable year, be it on the global aspects or locally, it has never been as complex as this past year. In view of the challenges and opportunities, we have not stop moving forward. We always keep a clear mind and insist on achieving innovative development. We are determined on achieving development despite all the challenges, this is not only our determination but also our motivation. With the strategic guidance from the Group and the Board, various sectors under the Group managed to develop with synergies and complement each other and foster our transformation to become an internet-oriented telecommunications company, we have delivered solid progression on our various projects, and we are pleased with our brilliant accomplishment in this past year.

2019 marks the 20th anniversary for Macau returning to Chinese administration. President Xi’s recent visit to Macau has a significant meaning for Macau. CTM, as the leading telecommunication service provider in Macau, has been working closely with the government and various parties, and has safeguarded the smooth running of the series of celebration events for the government’s inauguration ceremony. This is a result of their solid foundation which help them delivered remarkable achievements during the critical time, and this is highly-recognized by all sectors in the society. During the year, CTM has seized the opportunities arising from the thriving development of the Greater Bay Area and developing Macau into “Digital Macau”. It has jointly established “The Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance”, made its first 5G video-call in Macau, and announced the launch of 5G business service in 2020 and striving to become one of the first cities in Asia to have full 5G coverage. CTM has also achieved major developments on other businesses with remarkable results.

Colleagues from CPC and CEC have been demonstrating their motto, “Innovation never stops” during the year, with developments including SD-WAN, AR and many leading solutions and consistently expanding its coverage throughout the world. On market expansion, R&D, training, financial management, compliance management, they have marked impressive developments and contributed their valuable experiences to the Group.

On international telecommunications services, we managed to upgrade our products and provide innovative services, A2P messaging businesses maintained rapid growth. “DataMall” has upgraded to provide 4G services, and completed eSIM service deployment. With our solid base in cooperating with the three major operators in China and our international partners, we managed to further expand our cooperation. As we reinforced our business on our traditional offerings, we managed to develop new products, markets and clients as well.

Under the influence of our corporate culture, our local and overseas teams has foster development, strive to improve, keen on innovation and help maintain our corporation to be motivated and energized.

We placed strong emphasis this year in enhancing professional developments of our team and as a result, specialty conferences with focus on R&D, Human Resources Development and Financial Management were conducted during the year. We managed to highlight the core focus for these divisions and we believe this will be instrumental for the corporation’s future development. We strive to build an excellent team, provide our employees with a platform for them to pursue their goals professionally, personally and provide a bigger return for them.  

Our achievements today will not be made possible without the unfailing support from our clients, shareholders, partners and stakeholders, our dedicated employees who contributed significantly to our corporation’s success today.

We managed to ride out the storm in 2019. Looking ahead, we are more confident in challenging ourselves, we will stick to our core value, “Wisdom and integrity for fostering prosperity”, continue to move forward and insist on innovation and we will deliver our solid results to demonstrate CITIC Telecom International liveliness and adaptability, to lead our corporation to reach new heights.

Once again, I wish you and your families a prosperous future!


Xin Yue Jiang
1 January, 2020 at CITIC Telecom Tower

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