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Core business
CITIC Telecom serves three major customer segments, including Carriers, Enterprises and Consumers through its subsidiaries specializing in diversified businesses. Its business scope covers Mobile, Internet, International Telecommunications, Enterprise and Fixed-line Services. Rooted in mainland China, the Group takes Hong Kong and Macau as the base and connection to provide ICT services with global coverage. In recent years, the Group has extended its footprint to the “Belt and Road” regions in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. Along with our existing operations in Greater China, Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America, we are able to provide one-stop, cross-regional and end-to-end comprehensive communications and ICT services to our customers.
Mobile Services

Over the years, CITIC Telecom has become the market leader in Roaming Signaling (SCCP), Single IMSI Multiple Number (SIMN)Pre-paid roaming (PRS)MVNE(S) (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler(s)) and other mobile services.  Leveraging our technical strength and continuous innovation, we strive to provide professional, reliable and quality service to our customers.

Our subsidiary in Macau, CTM,  has led the market to enter the "4G +" era.  CTM has launched a high-definition VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and ViLTE (Video over LTE) services.  By using the FDD carrier aggregation (CA) technology, the network download speed can reach up to 400Mbps.  The Group has also started testing of 5G and Internet of things (IOT).

In 2015, CITIC Telecom launched the world's first international mobile data trading platform - "DataMall", which offers data roaming service with a preferential tariff for travellers without swapping SIM card, changing phone number or using an additional device.  The service has been implanted by APP (Mobile Application) through SDK (Software Development).  It has become one of the most competitive products in the international roaming market.

4G+ Mobile Network

Since the launch of 4G+ services in 2015, our subsidiary, CTM, has been continuously introducing the world’s cutting-edge technology to enhance 4G service experience of customers.  Following the launch of VoLTE and ViLTE features of CTM 4G+ network in June 2016, the quality of voice or video calls has been enhanced and the connection time has been significantly shortened.  Meanwhile, CTM takes the market lead again to introduce the FDD Carrier Aggregation technology applied for the 4G network, accelerating the 4G+ download speed to 400Mbps in 2017, catering the social development needs for high-speed mobile network service.


CITIC Telecom 3GRX solution offers 3G/GPRS operators the ability to interconnect their 3G/GPRS network with partners, which provides end-users a seamless wireless Internet (over cellular data) experience even when they are in overseas.  The 3GRX solution is a scalable and cost-effective alternative for 3G/GPRS operators who wish to interconnect without the need to negotiate multiple bilateral connections. Built on a Tier-1 MPLS backbone, it has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Mobile Operators with full network diversity. It also provides interconnect services to GPRS carriers to transport IP traffic between two or more GPRS network operators. The service supports LTE and 3G, with inter-standard support online quality monitoring and reporting portal.


CITIC Telecom has prepared for the new generation of LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks, and gradually adopted by the GSMA as LTE signaling roaming with IPX (Internetwork Packet Exchange) technology.  As the traditional GRX architecture cannot manage new generation of mobile services to provide high-performance international roaming features, mobile services have been gradually using IP technology. Most of the services and infrastructure have moved towards the IP world.  IPX is a bridge for LTE, and our IPX provides high-quality IP network solutions in one-stop service, enabling operators to create interconnection services in a more efficient manner, effectively reducing costs and achieving more business opportunities (the cost of voice services, Ssch as VoIP, could be 30% to 50% lower than TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) ).

Dedicated MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network has a range of IP quality monitoring mechanisms, including CLI delivery, KPI monitoring, and MOS.  Security and networking are 4G roaming ready.  Based on service quality and security considerations, CITIC Telecom’s IPX network uses state-of-the-art security systems and isolates from external network like Internet.  IP interworking agreement and standard can flexibly handle signalling forwarding that based on destination requirement and service flexibility.  And it is compatible with TDM to support MNP (Mobile Number Portability) / LNP (Local Number Portability) guarantee direct termination.


SIMN allows mobile operator subscribers to hold multiple overseas mobile phone numbers on their existing SIM cards, providing frequent travellers and mobile roamers the ability to reduce roaming charges in SIMN-enabled regions. Customers can set the conditions for call forwarding, caller ID, multiplayer and other functions.  No matter where users go, they will still be able to answer or dial-out to/from their overseas number.  This will increase the subscribers’ loyalty and shorten service launching time, consolidate the platform operating technology, reduce CAPEX investment to effectively utilize resources and reduce unnecessary infrastructure (such as additional lines and switching ports, etc.). CITIC Telecom’s overseas roaming technology requires minimal resources deployment and network. Just by using simplest solutions, you will be able to have an extensive coverage and boost the ARPU of customers.


PRS (Pre-paid Roaming Service) enables mobile telecommunications operators to offer roaming voice and SMS functionality to prepaid subscribers, just like postpaid subscribers. PRS also enables telecommunications operators to segregate their prepaid roaming service from their existing postpaid roaming service to minimize the risk of affecting an existing revenue-generating business.  CITIC Telecom can interface between operators to provide seamless connectivity between different prepaid technologies.  Network coverage is extensive and no CAPEX investment is needed. It also supports multiple prepaid architectures (e.g., Service – Node, CAMEL, INAP, etc.)

  • Robust software architecture
  • Advanced NMS and reporting systems
Signalling services (SCCP)

SCCP Roaming Signaling Transit offers roaming services to mobile operators by transiting SCCP transport over the SS7 signaling protocol to reach overseas mobile operators.  This powerful solution gives telecommunications operators a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to enable roaming with other operators worldwide. CITIC Telecom is one of a few service providers in the world to be Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) certified by GSMA.  We are able to provide quality service and techniques for customers with the most comprehensive and reliable structure and connectivity.

  • ITU- ANSI conversion
  • Mobile Number Portability support Remote Active Testing tools
  • Advanced traffic monitoring, alerting and reporting for customers
  • Anti-Spoof and Anti-Spam intelligent filtering to stop SMS spoofing and spamming
  • SIGTRAN ready
Datamall/Roaming solution

DataMall is an innovative service supporting the latest mobile technology, combined with smartphone application online store, enable users to enjoy web browsing, online searching and top-up their prepaid mobile data anytime and anywhere.  You can choose your preferred mobile data package before or during your travel and connect to designated local mobile data network in the regions where our service covers. Simply activate “DataMall” mobile data services and pay the respective package fee, you can go online without changing SIM card.

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Internet Services

Data Centre is one of our core businesses. The rental rate of CITIC Telecom Tower (CTT) is currently over 90%. Recently, we have acquired the entire building and developed it into a high grade data centre. After the renovation, CTT will become the largest data centre in a self-owned property in western Hong Kong, which forms the advantage of dual backup capability with our data centre in Ap Lei Chau (ALC), Hong Kong Island.

Through our subsidiary, CITIC Telecom CPC, we provide cloud data Centre (SmartCLOUD™) service worldwide, offering more data and server solutions to our clients. In Macau, CTM is offering 100% fibre coverage to premises with Fiber to the Building (FTTB), while the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) coverage is also among the highest level in the world.  Our Wi-Fi hotspots network spreads all over the city, making Macau's internet infrastructure level amongst the world's highest level.

Optical Fiber fixed broadband

All buildings in Macau are now fully covered by CTM’s fibre network. Macau residents can enjoy access to a high-speed and stable network service.  Macau is one of the few regions in the world with full fiber coverage.  Over 52 million meters of fibre optic cable have been installed throughout the territory.  The highest speed of CTM’S residential fiber service is 1Gbps, allowing customers to enjoy the best Internet service experience.

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Wi-Fi hotspot services

There are approximately 2,500 CTM Wi-Fi hotspots across Macau’s tourist spots, hotels, shops, ports of entry and exit, and on public transport. Macau is also the first city in Asia to provide free Wi-Fi service on all public transport buses, which further extends the Wi-Fi network coverage in Macau and brings internet access convenience to residents and visitors, promoting the image of Macau as an international city of tourism.

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Data Centre

CITIC Telecom provides our clients with world-class data centres services. Our two data centres, which are located in CITIC Telecom Tower (CTT) and 111 Lee Nam Road, Ap Lei Chau (ALC), contribute a total floor area of 90,000 ft2. CTT and ALC are located in two geographical territories of Hong Kong with a 14km distance, and they are powered by two different power supply companies. An additional 190,000+ ft2 is available for data centre development in CTT.  First phase expansion project has been started and it is targeted that more than 1,300 new racks will be in service by the end of 2018.

  • Colocation
    Large private suites or data cabinet in shared areas are available.  Our special “high power” zone can handle equipment requiring high power consumption.
  • Business Continuity Centre
    Dedicated area for disaster recovery and business continuity operations. The services consist of back office desks and chairs, each equipped with workstation and telephone. Customers can use other facilities including fax machines, printers and photocopiers.
  • Network Connectivity and HKIX2
    Our Data Centres are connected to major Data Centres in Hong Kong and international carriers via reliable local and global networks. We run the satellite site of the Hong Kong Internet Exchange, named HKIX2 and also interconnect with multiple Tier-1 carriers and ISP for international Internet access.
  • Professional Services
    We provide equipment outsourcing, secure data erasure, system integration, disaster recovery, Cloud pillars, and comprehensive managed IT services.

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International Telecom Services

CITIC Telecom is one of Asia's most important international voice and text messages (including P2P and A2P) exchange centres, and the strategic partner of China's three major telecom operators, while also maintaining close cooperation with more than 600 international carriers.

In recent years, We continue the innovative development of Internet-oriented business, and  introduced an Internet-based messaging platform - CloudSMS and Internet-based voice services - YouCLink, further enriching our product portfolio.

Premium International Direct Dial (IDD)

CITIC Telecom is committed to helping our customers with global success.  By offering both Premium and Budget voice services, we ensure our customers have the flexibility to choose Premium service for mission-critical destinations, and opt for Budget voice when cost reduction is the priority. Our Premium service empowers enterprises with high quality direct international calls featuring excellent call clarity and fast connection times to more than 230 destinations worldwide. Our superior network means companies can be assured of reliable connections with clients and partners globally, including instant delivery of important fax documents.  Our flexible pricing plans can meet the needs of any company:

  • Destination-based pricing
  • Volume-based pricing
  • Flat pricing

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SMS Hubbing

CITIC Telecom launched our first mobile international SMS hubbing services in 2003. We handle an enormous volume, and indeed the majority, of inbound and outbound international messages for one of China’s largest mobile telecommunications operators.

As one of Asia’s leading SMS hubbing providers, CITIC Telecom handles over 1.8 billion SMS messages per year.  We have direct connections to major mobile operators and over 600 reachable destinations.

  • Inter-Standard SMS Support Inter-standard SMS, interoperating between different technologies and protocols (such as GSM, CDMA and PHS) and has been designed to serve the increasingly diverse requirements of our customers on both TDM and IP infrastructure.
  • Hong Kong’s Domestic Inter-Operator SMS Handle Hong Kong’s domestic inter-operator SMS, with a substantial portion of the SMS traffic originating from Hong Kong mobile telecommunications operators.
  • World-class Service Level Agreement Assurance for service availability and concurrent message throughput Guarantee a service level (SLA) higher than the average market level, a promise that has been proven to our customers time and again.
  • Compliant with GSMA Open Connectivity SMS Hubbing, and supports GSMA AA.71 recommendations Scalable architecture and high throughput infrastructure easily handles peak traffic message
  • Delivery Online traffic reports provide easy visibility for performance monitoring
  • Cascade billing and financial settlement provide comprehensive service management Advanced anti-spamming and fraud detection controls.
Datamall/Roaming solution

DataMall is an innovative service supporting the latest mobile technology, combined with smartphone application online store, enable users to enjoy web browsing, online searching and top-up their prepaid mobile data anytime and anywhere.  You can choose your preferred mobile data package before or during your travel and connect to designated local mobile data network in the regions where our service covers. Simply activate “DataMall” mobile data services and pay the respective package fee, you can go online without changing SIM card.

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Mobile Messaging

CITIC Telecom offers a comprehensive messaging solutions enabling service providers to substantially reduce costs and increase efficiency when communicating with their customers throughout the world.  Our Mobile Messaging empowers any service providers to deploy high quality A2P SMS with maximum convenience, security, versatility and cost-effectiveness. Global reach to 600+ destinations, text messages are delivered to mobile subscribers in seconds.

  • Highest Service Quality: The Mobile Messaging service operates over CITIC Telecom’s carrier-grade global infrastructure with manageable capacity. Performance, security and reliability always exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Conversion Rate: Our intelligent dynamic routing and quality assurance technology can always ensure the highest conversion rate from the recipients while maintaining the balance in cost.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: The Mobile Messaging APIs bring powerful connection options for service providers without the considerable complexities and cost.
  • 1 way or 2-way A2P SMS: Text messages delivery and reception are highly flexible, with either 1-way or 2-way communications anytime.
Enterprise Solutions

CITIC Telecom provides one-stop quality services, including Cloud computing, information security, network and data centre to our enterprise customers.

Through our subsidiaries, CITIC Telecom CPC, Acclivis and Linx Telecom, CITIC Telecom has further expanded our geographical coverage and enriched our product line.

ICT solution

With the extensive use of innovative technologies in today’s business world, enterprises are facing emerging network threats that proper managed information security solutions are required to protect against attacks.

Managed by a team of certified security experts complementing 24×7 monitoring by our Security Operations Centres (SOC), we offer businesses customized solutions, including identifying and prioritizing threats, refining and enforcing security policies, continued monitoring of their systems; to meet their specific security needs with minimal resources required. The powerful SIEM technology in multiple SOCs enables us to provide real-time alerts to businesses so that immediate corrective actions can be taken before their assets are damaged.


For companies that need completely dedicated private linkages, we provide instantaneous, reliable and secure point-to-point connectivity at highly competitive rates with our international private leased circuit (IPLC) services. We provide IPLC services jointly with our international partners, delivering link speeds from T1/E1 to STM-4. In China, we can offer speeds from E1 to STM-16. Our IPLC solutions can handle a variety of cable systems and provide higher stability than comparative offerings.

Cloud Computing Service

We are your trusted business cloud computing service provider that offers a range of cloud solutions, built on a reliable cloud computing infrastructure, enable enterprises to substantially reduce costs and increase flexibility, while maintaining enterprise-grade security, privacy and availability.

Our cloud services facilitate enterprises to rapidly deploy any scale of enterprise cloud computing services over the Internet or a private network more cost-effectively. Customers can dynamically allocate key resources to address business tasks, including on-the-fly allocation of processing power, memory, and storage, all protected with highly secure connectivity to isolate applications and ensure data integrity.

We have been offering a series of  business cloud computing services, and has deployed 15 cloud service centres worldwide. Leveraging on the complementary ICT solutions, enterprises not only can enjoy seamless connectivity across region and high flexibility on their resources allocation, but also can experience high flexibility with true disaster recovery for their business operation.



Virtual Private Networking is a highly cost-effective and flexible way to leverage the advantages of secure, global connectivity to link up your business points-of-presence around the world. We can provide fully managed VPN services across different regions in the World. Based on high-performance MPLS technology and a Ring Architecture, our VPN solution gives companies full resilience over different cabling systems, ensuring flexible deployment and high reliability.

Enterprise SMS

Our Enterprise SMS service provides an alternative way for companies to send and receive SMS without the need to invest in traditional telecommunications facilities or industry protocols for exchanging SMS messages. Companies that want to stay in touch with their staff and customers can use our Enterprise SMS solution to benefit from the most cost-effective way to achieve instant mobile communications.

  • Dedicated throughput rates: Our advanced SMS platform supports dedicated throughput rates specific to each enterprise customer.
  • 1 way or 2-way SMS: SMS delivery and reception is highly flexible, with either 1-way or 2-way communications anytime.
  • Delivery Receipt (DR) notification: Message delivery status can also be verified online in real-time according to Delivery Receipt (DR) notification from the subscribers’ mobile devices.
  • Global Coverage: CITIC Telecom’s secure system also supports multiple languages and lets end-users send and receive messages across more than 600 destinations, all with highly competitive pricing.
  • Mass Broadcast SMS: We also provide a bulk SMS service option for business customers who wish to send mass communications in a high volume scenario, to specific destinations where development or customization is required.
  • Multiple languages: Messaging Customers can tailor messages, texts or other content, which we will help send to CITIC Telecom’s mobile operators who have agreed to receive such information.

CloudSMS uses cloud communications technology as an effective tool to support SMS services.  You can write text messages on your browser anytime, anywhere.  No software installation required, no technical configuration required.  Simply logging into our CloudSMS portal to purchase SMS messages package, send SMS messages instantly or scheduled to over 600 overseas areas.


Cloud Data Centre

Our Cloud Data Centre is different from traditional data centre services, based on world-class facilities and technology platform, as well as carrier-class network infrastructure, seamlessly distributed to nearly 30 data centres worldwide, which helps enterprises to build a five-star data home.

Besides, it integrates with our cloud computing and global unified management services, not only provides traditional IT equipment management, equipment hosting or server hosting services, but also supports complex private and hybrid cloud environments. The business-graded design cloud service is a perfect platform for handling critical applications and fast access to data with the most cost-effective, real disaster recovery management and cross-regional cloud solutions.

Network & System Integration

As a Gold Partner of giant vendors like IBM, Dell, HP, Lenovo, VMWare, Our group offers the most competitive system integration services on the market through its subsidiary Acclivis.  It provides one-stop GPIM (Global Procurement – Installation – Maintenance) turnkey Services quickly helping customers meet cross-regional needs. In addition, our subsidiary, Pacific Internet in Singapore and Thailand is a veteran ISP, which provides network integration business.  The brand can be traced back to 1995 and built the long-term trust with customers in South East Asia.

Corporate Voice

As one of Asia Pacific’s leading international telecommunications hubs, we provide circuit-switched voice service solutions to corporate customers via multiple international points-of-presence.  We handle a substantial portion of voice traffic for worldwide telecommunications operators and recognize the challenges and demands of today’s dynamic economy.  Our commitment to provide our wholesale customers with reliable, high quality telecommunications services  is evident in our perennial utilization of the industry’s most advanced networking technologies. By going beyond mere understanding, to intelligently anticipate the needs of our valued customers.

We have created a comprehensive array of innovative value-added services that give our customers the extra edge to capitalize on opportunities in their global businesses.  With our reliable International Hubbing Services, our wholesale customers are able to provide high quality international and roaming fixed, mobile and hybrid voice solutions to their end-customers globally at competitive rates. Our single-source Voice Hubbing Services deliver a full spectrum of wholesale voice capabilities that can be tailored to increase flexibility for our wholesale customers.

Fixed Line Services

CITIC Telecom provides telecommunications services for residential and commercial customers, including Fixed Line Telephone Services, Centrex and PABX solutions.

IP Phone Service

IP Phone can serve as fixed-line phone number which can save your IDD cost.  No matter you are out of town, studying abroad or at home, you can bring the phone number along with you and connect to the internet phone in saving your roaming cost easily.  Desktop IP Phone no need to connect with PC, just simply connect the telephone to internet and phone calls can be connected.


YouCLink is the service brand of fully-managed Cloud Unified Communication solution designed around a comprehensive, end-to-end service operating platform under CITIC Telecom International Ltd. YouCLink’s Cloud Unified Communication Services are powered by ComNet Telecom (HK) Limited for service fulfillments and service delivery.

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Local Telephone Service

The basic telephone service component, which connects the subscribers’ premises to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  The DEL product comprises:

  • The physical wiring between PSTN and a private premise
  • The telephone socket (line jack)
  • A unique telephone number

Typical Applications:

  • Reception and transmission of voice calls at private premises.
  • Fax and Internet access.


  • Enables a user to communicate with anyone worldwide.
  • Convenience of telephone service at subscribers’ private premises.
  • Local calls are free of charge