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Training & Development

Our staff is the greatest asset of CITIC Telecom International Group. The Group continues its effort in staff training and development to support the needs of its business and staff. In respect of training and development, the Group has been adopting “optimisation of professional performance, motivation of staff’s potentials, and revitalisation of learning culture” as our approaches. As a result, “training” is based on the increment of knowledge, skills enhancement and improvement in management’s capabilities, while “development” is oriented on the sustainable development of the Group and our staff.

The Group has continued to provide various training opportunities, both internally and externally, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the Group. Such training areas and scopes cover advanced management skills, team building, engineering techniques, sales skills and client management, information technology, finance management and language, etc.

To encourage our staff to develop themselves further, the Group launched various policies for culture learning, talents development scheme and advanced training scheme on management skills, etc. The Group also encourages and facilitates knowledge sharing and skill transfer between staff in Hong Kong and other regions to strengthen business integration. The management is determined to nurture elites and enhance their comprehensive working and management capabilities by actively providing potential staff with training opportunities which are important to the Group’s success as well as succession planning.