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Team Building
Concertedly Building the “CITIC Telecom Team”

CITIC Telecom International Group supports and organizes various kinds of outdoor sports activities and ball games competitions such as “CITIC Telecom International Basketball Championship” and “CITIC Telecom International Badminton Competition”. Through the activities, our staff were provided with opportunities to participate and establish team spirit, and to promote the importance of physical exercise.

The Group organizes various outing activities for our employees and their families throughout the year to enhance work-life balance as well as employee relations. We organized a one-day trip to unique parts of Hong Kong for our employees and their families to appreciate the importance of physical exercise and the environmental preservation. Our subsidiary organized “Family Fun Day” to promote an open and harmonious culture. During the event, the family members and friends of our employees were invited to visit our comfortable office environment and to feel its positive atmosphere.