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DataMall -- the first international mobile data traffic trading platform in the world

In August 2015, the Group announced to launch the selfdeveloped  “DataMall Global Data Traffic Trading Platform”, providing an innovative and revolutionary business model for global data roaming services.

DataMall is the first international mobile data traffic trading platform in the world. Through this platform, operators may provide local data services to mobile phone users visiting from overseas, without users changing their SIM card, mobile phone numbers or using any external devices, and they can subscribe, pay for and use the service through the devices and mobile apps of the platform’s business partners. Thus, it is one of the most convenient international mobile data traffic solutions available on the market.

DataMall is an open platform aims for win-win cooperation that supports mobile operators, virtual mobile operators, handset manufacturers, OTT internet companies, financial and tourism related companies, etc. These partners can use the innovative DataMall platform to provide local mobile data services to customers and lowering the costs of international mobile data.

Dr. Tiger Lin, Chief Executive Officer of CITIC Telecom said on DataMall product launch,
DataMall is a major breakthrough in the conventional overseas roaming business and technological model in the internet era. It marks a departure from the ’mutual agency model’ of conventional roaming service. DataMall delivers a ’direct transaction’ between local operators and consumers, giving consumers the choice of choosing a specific overseas data network and turning data traffic into 
a tradable commodity around the world.’

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