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2019 New Year Message from Chairman Xin Yue Jiang

Dear friends of CITIC Telecom International,

I wish all friends and their families a happy new year! I also wish our group a prosperous 2019 and realize leapfrog development!

We can’t keep the pace of the past years, but we have retained countless unforgettable memories. 2018 was a heavy and fruitful year. It was also a year of hard work. This year, the international situation was ever-changing with different opportunities and challenges, as well as pressure and motivations. Under the leadership of CITIC Group and our Board of Directors, we continued to deliver good performance with the joint efforts of all business units, management team, engineering and R&D team, commercial team, integrated management team and support team. We achieved higher standards, and overall results reached new heights. Each business unit contributed their full effort and resulted in outstanding performances.

International telecommunications business continued to make progress towards Internet-oriented innovation. DataMall’s customer base and revenue continued to grow rapidly; A2P SMS business continued to record a strong growth; Data Center Phase 3A construction completed smoothly; our China business continued to maintain healthy and stable growth; international voice business revenue increased significantly (we have announced these in the 2018 interim results). The retail business shown significant improvement; the self-developed Internet-based commercial system has been put into operation; the headquarters also organized a series of quality enhancement workshop to ensure the continued enhancement in terms of technology and services in an environment of rapid changes in market, technology and customer demand. It is also the Group’s largest training event in recent years.

2018 is an extraordinary and unforgettable year for CTM too. After keeping communications connected during typhoon “Hato” in 2017, CTM maintained its communications services during the typhoon “Mangkhut” in 2018. Their trustworthy telecommunications services is the backbone of Macau. We set up a software development center in Zhuhai and signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with the University of Macau, which strengthened our R&D efforts. CTM also signed a memorandum of agreement with Tencent to deepen cooperation in related fields. 5G mobile network was successfully tested, leading Macau into the 5G era and our pace is in sync with other developed regions. The opening of the CTM (Hong Kong) Data Center has become the first government-approved data center outside Macau, contributing another example of the Greater Bay Area cooperation. It is also a demonstration of the Group’s synergy of Hong Kong and Macau businesses.

In 2018, CPC continued to make progress on international expansion. After integrating CPC Europe, CPC expanded its global network to more than 130 countries and regions, covering five continents, and forming distinctive coverage advantages along the “Belt and Road” regions. During the year, CPC continued to innovate and launched a series of products such as SD-WAN. CEC was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as one of the first value-added operators with qualified communication services. CEC also joined hands with Freudenberg (FIT) to provide one-stop services for the digital transformation of enterprises, building a “ICT+” cooperation ecosystem.

Our overseas business has made great progress in 2018, and overseas teams kept growing. The Southeast Asia unit with headquarters in Singapore has taken shape and successfully won some large-scale smart city projects, reflecting our strengths and advantages. In 2018, I visited four countries in Southeast Asia and met with more than 200 colleagues. I deeply felt that we have a young and energetic international team, which has accumulated strength and experience for the Group’s global business development.

In the past year, we have strengthened our efforts on investors and media relations. The Group issued a series of management policies, set up committees, visited new and old investors, and revamped the group’s website. The news released last year exceeded the sum of the past four years, with an aim to let more investors, customers and partners understand us comprehensively. In the turbulent stock market, the stock price of “1883” has grown by more than 35% throughout the year, ranking No. 1 among Hong Kong-listed telecommunications companies. We have gained recognition and encouragement from more new and old shareholders, stock commentators and media friends.

All these achievements are the result of the hard work of our staff, the demonstration of our core value “Wisdom and Integrity, fostering Prosperity”, and the result of the support of our new and old customers, partners, shareholders and the community. It is also the result of support of every staff and their families. On the New Year day, on behalf of the board of directors and management, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your support!

Looking ahead towards the global market and the information industry, the Internet, Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and enterprise service markets are still full of opportunities. In 2019, the situation we are facing are even more difficult, and our mission is even more challenging. However, as long as we have a clear mind and always insist on innovation, we will be able to achieve our goal. We have an excellent team, high-quality network technology and valuable experience accumulated through continued efforts. These are the foundations for achieving sustainable and healthy development of the company. As an Internet-oriented integrated telecommunications company, I believe that we will do a better job to bring the company to a new level. At the same time, we will provide a platform for our employees to show their talents and realize their dreams, as well as create greater value for customers, partners and investors!

This year’s CNY comes much earlier than previous years. I firmly believe that through the wisdom, morality, responsibility, creativity and hard work of all colleagues, our company will once again enjoy a vivid and beautiful spring.

Once again, I wish you and your families a prosperous future!


Xin Yue Jiang
1, January 2019 at CITIC Telecom Tower



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