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Branding Element Concept

A traditional and changeful puzzle from China, unlimited shapes can be formed by seven flat shapes.

Symbol: By combining our products, customers and geographic coverage, the group will provide diversified telecommunication solutions for all parties nimbly to connect with future. In the days to come, corresponding designs can be devised for specific venue or product without changing the basic style.

Taking our branding design as an example, tangram is used to form the graphic of tree to describe the successful development of CITIC International Telecom over these years. The group has grown up from a sapling and extended its business to cover overseas branches, products and regions. Therefore, amendments can be made on the usage of tangram to pander to different application.


Slogan Definition
The Future
Playing the role of DNA in telecommunication enterprise, as well as the base in digital era; ‘CONNECTING’ has incarnated the distinction between the group and other industries.
The Future
The broadminded commitment of the group is to make effort in changing our lifeand unlocking the door to future.
Connecting . The Future
A call and invitation from the group to create a better future with customers, shareholders, partners and employees etc.
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