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Message from the Chairman

Dear friends of CITIC Telecom International,



Looking back at the Group’s development, we started from a telecommunications company with key business in wholesale international voice and message. After 20 years, the Group has developed into a multinational integrated ICT service provider, serving operators, enterprises and consumers around the world.  We have branch organizations in 21 countries and regions, with presence across mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Europe, North America, as well as Central & Southeast Asia countries along the "Belt & Road" region.  


In 2017, I deeply feel that this was an extraordinary year. It was a year with challenges and stress. Under the leadership of CITIC Group and with the concerted efforts of all levels of management team, engineering, technical & R&D team, commercial team and professional management and supporting team, as well as all the colleagues, we have achieved good performance and made significant progress in every segment of our business in 2017.

Our international telecom business made initial progress in the new products and new business areas. The number of customer of DataMall continued to increase, bringing higher revenue to the company; SMS and signaling businesses made breakthroughs; the construction of the third phase data center has entered the preparatory stage; for Singapore Acclivis company, the foundation for business expansion has been laid after adjustment and consolidation works.

It was extraordinary for CTM too. Macau encountered a serious typhoon disaster on August 23. The management team and employees of CTM paid their best effort to minimize the impact brought by the typhoon. With wisdom and courage, they kept the communication network service as normal during the typhoon, providing communication security for the society and the public at this critical moment, and at the same time, providing assistance to the government in relief work. Its work has been recognized by the central government, Macau government and local community. This fully reflects CTM’s awareness of grasping the overall situation, awareness of quality, awareness of responsibility and awareness of service. It also proved that our team is resilient at a critical moment. I believe this selfless and fearless spirit will add a new glory page to the history of CTM. In 2017, CTM also held the “Digital Macau” Forum, an important event for the development of CTM, played a significant role in building and serving Macau. CTM also introduced the Hong Kong TVB Anywhere program to Macau successfully, which supported the strategic direction of the central government to build Macau into “a platform and a center”.

CPC successfully took a gratifying step toward “Belt and Road” by completing the acquisition of Linx Telecom. It realized the Group’s mission of “rooted in Mainland China, taking Hong Kong and Macau as the base and connection, providing communications services with global coverage”. At the same time, CPC’s new business is growing constantly, whereas new technologies and innovations are also making progress.


All of these accomplishments were results of the hard work and perseverance of the staff from CITIC Telecom International and its subsidiaries. It also demonstrated our noble mission of building the business with wisdom and integrity. The success was also attributed to the support, assistance and care from our global customers, strategic partners, CITIC Group, sister companies and other parties on the society. On behalf of the company, I sincerely thank all of you for your kind support!

Pressure and challenges are the driving force to keep us going forward. They are also the best chances for us to fill the gaps in our business and improve our weaknesses. In the future, we must find out the major hurdles that drag our business development, spot the key points and solve the key issues at work. To achieve sustainable development, we need to have a first-class team; to have a first-class team, we need to have quality personnel. Thus, we will strengthen training and learning. We are determined to cultivate and introduce high-end talent, bringing vitality and innovative minds to our entire company.

I believe we will do better in the future and the company will certainly achieve even higher standards. We will certainly provide our staff with the opportunity and platform to unleash their talent and potential! We will also create greater and sustainable value for our customers, partners, investors and our friends! Let us work hand in hand for our dreams and for a better future of the company!



Xin Yue Jiang

1, January 2018

Core Value

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Wisdom and Integrity for Foster Prosperity
Wisdom, Diligence & Continuous study foster prosperity. Use technology to promote innovation.
Moral, Integrity and Self-discipline gain Customer Trust. United for brilliant future.